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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Attn Beneficiary,
                 We have been informed this day by the concern authority  to have your fund release process completed which is your over due Contract payment this is being reverted to our Bank by  the United States Government and the United Nation otherwise and Note that this Transaction is Being monitor the States Security department and we are made to understand this is your long awaiting fund which means you do not have any fund else where in the world so you need to stop all Transaction right away,More so this  funds will be declared unserviceable by the Bank and consequently, it’s confiscation.
The time frame is very short and technically, opening an Account with our Bank will be the best and secure option and we can as well Transfer the fund into your provided nominated Bank Account.Bank transfer so we have reverted to status quo as Account Set-up fee or Wire Transfer fee can not be deducted from your UNCLAIMED ASSET FUND so you will have to be responsible for either the Wire Transfer or Account Set-up fee.
Mandate has been issued to a commission namely UNCLAIMED ASSET/ASSETS RE-UNITED, USA here in the UNITED STATE to effect this payment to you using it's traditional Banking procedure, VIA WIRE TRANSFER and you are to contact the Executive Director of JP MORGAN CHASE BANK  for the release of the fund to be transferred into your nominated bank account and you also have access to open an Account with our Bank for the fund to be remitted so here is the contact information below.
Mr. John Hoover :-Executive Director JP MORGAN CHASE BANK
Address: 270 Park Avenue New York NY  10017 United State
Email: (
If you are receiving this notification for the first ($US10,500,000) which is on your name, can only be paid upon our receipt of your beneficiary identification security transfer CODE which is (GN6720XN) for clearance of the fund. please re-confirm  immediately to us for instant accreditation of your proceed into your account as listed or enable you to Set-up an Account with our Bank  and if you are being skeptical about this mail will will advice you to visit out Head Office at the above because this Transaction can is not being reveled to all our local Branch even if you take this to them they will not be in position to assist you for security reason and due to the huge amount involved.
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2) Home, fax and mobile #....
3) Residential address.....
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5)Company address......
6)Office position and.....
5) Age and marital status....

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